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Introvert Lab is a think tank agency of engineers, designers and dreamers who are also introverts! We are passionate about bringing creative ideas to life. Unfortunately, none of us have beards that fabulous!)

What Do Introverts Do?

Well, we definitely don’t mope around. We are engineers and designers first. We concentrate on prototyping which includes the following:







Featured Products

Introducing AiruFlo

AiruFlo is a transparent, reusable mask that gives you peace of mind, superior protection, comfort, and style. Coupled with N95 filters, AiruFlo has passed testing for BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) ≥99.7% and PFE (particle filtration efficiency) ≥98.8% by SGS.

Made of food-grade silicone rubber, and using N95 filters, this is the mask you can take everywhere.

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Introducing Face Shield Jr

Sometimes, face masks may not protect you from splashes or emissions/droplets from sneezing and coughing. Protect yourself and your loved ones with extra surety.

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