Why Face Shield JR?

We know that face masks may not be able to protect you completely, especially from splashes or emissions/droplets from sneezing and coughing.

That's why we created Face Shield JR, to help protect you and your loved ones with that extra bit of surety.

Face Shield JR is designed to prevent droplets, splashes of liquid and large dust particles. Face shields are widely used across industries, especially for frontliners, in hospitals, factories, for leisure and sports.

face shield jr
face shield jr

Simplicity and Flexibility

Our Face Shield JR is designed and made of three parts - the PP head band, elastic strap and the APET shield that can be easily assembled and dismantled.

The face shield comes with a 45-degree liftable visor for convenience. It is optically clear with double-sided anti-fogging and the lightweight design allows good breathability suited for long-term wear. 

Also available in UV shield

For those who need to be outdoors and worry about the effects of UV rays on skin and eyes, we have also developed the UV Protective Face Shield.

The UV Protective Face Shield has a transparency of 35% with IRR (Infra-red Rejection) at 80% and UVR (Ultraviolet Rejection) at 90%.

face shield jr uv





Child - L:180mm X W: "Expandable"
Adult - L:210mm X W: "Expandable"

Child - Multiple
Adult - Grey, Black

Elastic Band

Polyester + Latex

Child - W:24.4mm X L:480mm X T:1.25mm
Adult - W:24.4mm X L:480mm X T:1.25mm

Child - Black
Adult - White, Black



Child - W:240mm X L:180mm T:0.25mm
Adult - W:240mm X L:210mm T:0.25mm

Clear, UV Shield

Weight:35+/- 5g



EN 166 Test Results by TUV Nord

FDA Reg.: 10079775

MDA Device Reg.: GA4122421-69418


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