AiruClear Anti-Fog Film (5pcs/pack)

AiruClear Anti-Fog Film (5pcs/pack)

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Product Description

AiruClear - Anti-Fog Film for AiruFlo masks (Refill pack)

  • 1 pack comes with 5 pieces of AiruClear.


The AiruClear film is an Anti-Fog coated plastic sheet designed to enhance the experience of the AiruFlo mask by preventing the appearance of the lower face area from being obstructured by mist build-up or fogging.



  • DO NOT WIPE any side of the film with any liquid or when the film is wet.
  • During normal usage of mask, the film will get wet when breathing. Please refrain from wiping the film in these cases.
  • Remove the film first before washing other parts of the mask.
  • You can only gently wipe the film when DRY with a dry lint-free cloth.
  • You are recommended to replace the AiruClear film after extended usage, when the film is damaged and/or loses its anti-fog ability.

Recycling Instructions:

AiruClear is made of PET material and can be treated as recyclable plastic. Please recycle responsibly. 

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How to Change AiruClear Anti-Fogging Film